MutterKind+ is a Health Information Application for Mobile Devices. It is designed to provide parents with a tool that enhances the traditional, paper-based form oft the Austrian Mutter-Kind-Pass and makes important information regarding the examinations during the first year of their child’s life easily accessible to them.

MutterKind+ offers a wide range of medical information concerning the examinations as well as helpful tools, such as a reminder function that tells parents which examination is to be taken next, or a contact list for cases of emergency.

As an addition to the application, short video clips offer detail and information on the various examinations. The videos are accessible via the application itself, and also via a designated channel on web-based video platforms.

The project was evaluated by a questionnaire handed out to 20 Parents who had agreed to test the application for a certain period. Feedback given via the questionnaire can be used to further improve the content and functionality of the MutterKind+ app.

For further information, please contact the project team:

Bernhard Pohorec –
Philipp Schörg –

A sample video from the application can be seen here:


  • A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
                 Master Program Digitale Healthcare
                 Project Coach: Helmut Ritschl