Technology Acceptance of a Kinect-based Rehabilitation System


The purpose of our project is to evaluate a Kinect-based rehabilitation system according
to the knowledge of existing technology acceptance models.

Our project is composed of three main sections: (I) study design, (II) implementation and
(III) evaluation of data. A project management has been created to keep defined goals
aligned with the project process. The intension of this project is to evaluate whether the
investigated Kinect-based rehabilitation system fulfils the suggested determinants of
reviewed technology acceptance models. The project may supply results how
physiotherapists associate with new technologies in the field of rehabilitation.

The project delivers initial information about virtual rehabilitation systems and technology
acceptance in the field of healthcare. Relying to this knowledge, well-grounded decisions for
a possible implementation in healthcare systems can be taken by clinicians and responsible
persons in healthcare. On the other side, valuable data can be given to the program
developer to potentially set improvements on usability.