RadQuest – A Mobile Learning Game for Radiography Students


RadQuest – A Mobile Learning Game for Radiography Students

In Austria, the radiography education system combines demanding academic coursework with hands-on training, encompassing subjects such as pathology, anatomy, physiology, and the technologies behind various imaging devices. Despite this comprehensive approach, research indicates that in fields like Nuclear Medicine, where theoretical knowledge must be practically applied, traditional methods alone may not fully engage students or develop practical skills effectively (Johnson 2021).

To address these challenges, we have developed RadQuest, a mobile learning game specifically designed for radiography students.

RadQuest leverages the principles of mobile learning and gamification to enhance knowledge retention and student engagement. By providing a fun and interactive learning experience, our game helps students grasp complex radiography topics more effectively.


Key Features of RadQuest:

  1. Flexible Learning Anywhere: RadQuest allows students to review radiography topics anytime, anywhere, fitting seamlessly into their busy schedules.
  2. Engaging Through Gamification: Our game transforms learning into an engaging experience that boost motivation and keep students interested.
  3. Enhanced Retention: Designed to improve memory retention through playful and interactive learning methods, RadQuest ensures that students can retain and recall information more efficiently.
  4. Interactive Hospital Environment: Players navigate a small hospital environment, interact with NPCs, and participate in educational dialogues featuring single-choice questions.
  5. Quest-Based Learning: The game includes two types of quests—collecting radiographic items and answering quiz questions—making learning dynamic and application-based.
  6. Goal-Oriented: Students aim to collect all badges by successfully completing quests, ultimately earning a final prize. This goal-oriented approach makes learning more engaging and rewarding.


RadQuest offers an adaptable and enjoyable learning alternative for radiography students, combining the advantages of mobile learning and gamification. By integrating theoretical knowledge with practical application in a fun and interactive way, RadQuest aims to transform the learning experience and better prepare students for their professional roles in radiography.

A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Master Program Digitale Healthcare

Project Team:Ulrike Schwertberger, Teodora Ranđelović, Serife Öztürk, Ahmed Hussein, Israa El-Sayed

Project Coach: Dr. rer. nat. Vanessa Yue Fei Leung

Johnson, Sara L. 2021. “Online Learning Strategies and Practical Tips for Nuclear Medicine Instructors.” Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology 49(3):269–74. doi: 10.2967/jnmt.120.251991.

Lu, Matthew, John H. Farhat, and Gary L. Beck Dallaghan. 2021. “Enhanced Learning and Retention of Medical Knowledge Using the Mobile Flash Card Application Anki.” Medical Science Educator 31(6):1975–81. doi: 10.1007/s40670-021-01386-9.