onBeat – Training in your Target Heart Rate Zone


onBeat is a mobile phone based application which uses music to support sportive people while running activities. It is proved that music influences our mood, motivation and motion speed and this effect based on scientific research is used for the implementation of a first prototype. onBeat’s hardware includes a heart rate monitor connected to a smartphone carried by the user. The onBeat application allows to enter user data and to choose between a selection of individual calculated heart rate zones. The users’ heart rate is monitored constantly. If the current heart rate is over or under the target heart rate range, a new track with adapted tempo (higher or lower bpm), based on a specific algorithm, is chosen. The objective is that the runner adapts his pace to the music tempo which he is listening to and further stays in the target heart rate range.

Advisor: Dr. Brian Horsak

– Ebhardt Bernd
– Grabner André
– Holzinger Tanja