What is the problem we are trying to resolve?

In Austria, there are nearly 300,000 people who lack proper or sufficient German language skills. This poses challenges for providing appropriate healthcare when there is no internal interpreter or staff member available who speaks the patient’s language. The lack of effective communication between patients with limited language proficiency and healthcare professionals negatively impacts the quality of care. It can lead to conflicts, stress for both parties, reduced satisfaction, and worse clinical outcomes. [1]

While language translation tools can help overcome language barriers, there is room for improvement in terms of usability, accessibility, and range. Furthermore, many medical facilities still rely on paper-based information sheets and questionnaires, resulting in a time-consuming process of printing, scanning, and archiving.

Currently, there is no tool that addresses all three requirements of medical translation, education, and paperless questionnaires. [1]

What is our vision?

MedBuddy aims to create an application that goes beyond simply offering medical information in multiple languages. It strives to enhance patient understanding and adherence by providing a comprehensive explanation tool. This tool includes a video featuring a digital human who communicates audibly, visually, and in text, specifically focusing on educating patients about a radiological examination, such as a CT scan.

Additionally, MedBuddy seeks to replace traditional paper-based information sheets and questionnaires with a user-friendly digital alternative. This digital platform will also feature a section dedicated to addressing frequently asked questions about CT scans. By providing these resources, MedBuddy aims to enhance patient cooperation, adherence to examination protocols, and ultimately improve their safety and satisfaction throughout the healthcare process.

How to Use MedBuddy?

The software is designed to be installed on a tablet, providing a user-friendly interface. Patients can select their preferred language and begin the registration process in that language. Once the registration is complete, patients have the option to either read detailed information about the examination or watch an explanatory video featuring a virtual human.

After gaining the necessary knowledge, patients are prompted to digitally fill out a questionnaire and then proceed to an agreement page. By reviewing and accepting the terms, users will be guided to a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, which addresses any remaining concerns or questions they may have.

MedBuddy’s objective is to enhance the information-sharing process and support both patients and healthcare professionals when they encounter language barriers. The application serves as a valuable tool in facilitating communication and understanding, ensuring a smoother experience for all involved.

Watch our integrated video, where a virtual human explains a CT examination in English.

…And check out our marketing video!


[1]       B. Wiedenhofer-Galik, „Arbeitsmarktsituation von Migrant:innen in Österreich“, S. 123.