LOGOsphere – is a weblog from speech and language therapists for speech and language therapists.
While researching a subject, it often happens that you have to read many articles and papers that are not equally interesting to you until you find exactly what you were looking for. As in all disciplines, there are essays that can be useful for one person but not for others.
Although the issue of a weblog is not equally appealing for everyone, reading a weblog comes naturally to most people. Bloggers love what they do and it is shown in the way they write and especially what they write about.
“Logosphere” benefits from the fact that Speech and Language Therapists can have similar professional fields, but different personal interests. Due to this diversity, people can easily appreciate the blog and contribute further to the variety of topics.
The aim of blogs in general is to provide information and tips as well as to allow people to communicate with each other and provide useful advice while responding to posts and commenting on them.
Technology plays a vital role in the processing of information as well as providing direct services such as in the medical field where apps are already used to control surgical robots which perform complex surgeries. Furthermore, patients are more likely to inform themselves online and share their experience with the internet society. The use of online technologies for education and in particular, the utility of blogging in education has gained much attention. This reflects the increasing need for instant communication in knowledge-building community, which means online technologies for education, such as blogs and e-learning tools, provide other possibilities than e-mailing, discussion forums and provide a serious journalistic tool.
Blogging will not only be a useful tool for the reader, but also for the bloggers themselves. In order to provide the wide variety of readers with interesting information and news, the blogger has to do a lot of research and be up to date. This means the survey is not only for the blog itself, but also for the bloggers’ expertise. Day by day bloggers extend their knowledge, not only about the issues one writes about, but also about the way how to organize and customize posts.



The scientific method we used for the evaluation was a guideline-based expert interview. We interviewed three speech and language pathology experts an one expert in media technology. Subsequent we transcribed and analyzed the four expert interviews.

Due to the outcomes of these guideline based interviews, speech and language therapist would happily welcome a platform where they find interesting posts about the latest studies, new therapy forms, videos about a therapy itself, upcoming events and much more.

All of the interviewee regularly use the internet for private and occupational reasons and therefor spend a lot of time searching the internet about the latest outcomes.

Finding new inventions when it comes to therapeutic settings is possible but takes a long research time.

Having a platform which units communication, latest research, learning and overall providing an interesting area would be highly welcomed by speech and language therapists.


It is simply a question of realisation of a weblog where research and interesting contributions are unified for and from speech and language therapists.