Es WaRaD – Drug reminder application for elderly people aged 50 years and over with mild cognitive impairment


Description of the project:

Drugs are a constant companion for many older people. In most cases, there are several drugs, which must be taken regularly. A regular intake of drugs can be vital! Due to this fact, it is necessary to have a good reminder Management.

We created a software design, mockups and a first prototype for an individual pill medication reminder system which is especially designed for our target group. Requirements are that the application is simple and easy to use with an influence of the sense of security, autonomy or independency of elderly people with mild cognitive impairment recording to ICD-10 F06.7.

Afterwards we did a research and an evaluation of eight existing drug reminder applications including an overview of the strengths and limitations of usage, especially related on elderly persons aged 50 years and over with mild cognitive impairment.




Sabine Gratzl, DI(FH)

Birgit Laser, BSc

Andrea Losert-Ganglberger, BSc

Claudia Spitaler

Thomas Wieland, BSc


Dr. Helmut Ritschl, MA, MSc



A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Master Program Digitale Healthcare

Project Coach: Helmut Ritschl