eTherapy: A Remote Nutrition Monitoring Solution for Oncology Patients Why? We want to reduce the number of cancer patients that suffer from malnutrition. Nutrition, and particularly malnutrition, is a key concern in cancer management, with...

Handgelenk stabilisierend tapen

In diesem Video wird gezeigt, wie man ein Handgelenk bei Schmerzen stabilisierend mittels Kinesiotape tapen kann.

Put on a Pullover for Single Hand

Wie läuft eine CT-Untersuchung ab?

In diesem Video wird Studenten oder Berufsanfänger erklärt, wie eine CT-Untersuchung abläuft.

Wie wäscht man Hände richtig?

Making your own sourdough bread!

Welcome to my first video tutorial about making your own sourdough bread! Here you can find a short text summary, in addition to the video: Combine...

TelePrevApy – Guidelines and System for Teletherapy On you marks! > Get set! > Go! Watch our video and learn about our prototype TelePrevApy a system application consisting of ready-to-use portable stand-system...

paediatric BLS

Video GMDW MDH16/18 Hummer Barbara

Mein Video beschreibt eine Cardiopulmonale Reanimation (CPR) durch zwei Sanitäter.  

Tutorial: Venflon Stechen

This is a videotutorial about iv catheter. The viewer can learn, which equipment is necessary. This video is one of the homework in "Grundlagen...