Low cost devices to measure blood pressure

Aim of this video (in German) is to evaluate functionality, usage and reliability of blood pressure devices available in supermarkets and electronic stores. What...

BreathX – visual and auditive instructions for radiotherapy

Individual visual and auditive instructions for mamma-carcinoma patients during radiotherapy using the deep inspiration breath hold technique - A prototype in non-clinical setting 

Video Tutorial – Wie legt man einen Druckverband an?

This is a tutorial video about putting on a compression bandage. It has been developed for the master study course "Digital Healthcare" at the...

Triangular bandage: grazed knee

https://youtu.be/QVAavMsFSNQ In this trailer you will learn step by step, how to treat your grazed knee with a triangular bandage. https://youtu.be/QVAavMsFSNQ  

Gesture Controlled X-Ray Model with LeapMotion, VVVV, Arduino

This is a project of the master program digital healthcare of FH St. Pölten (Austria). This prototype simulates an x-ray tube, which...

Anleitung Blutabnahme zur QuantiFERON TB Gold Testung

Dieses Video soll Einschulungshilfe für medizinisches Fachpersonal die Unterschiede und kritischen Punkte im Ablauf der QTF Blutabnahme im niedergelassenen Bereich aufzeigen. https://youtu.be/BwYRRQZ3GF0


"Wir zeichnen Katze Minze" shows how to draw the cuddly  cat Minze, the favorite pet of Kräuterhexchen Mimi. Find the video here.: drawingMinze

Occlusal plane measurement unit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQzX3zrpTPA Gamma Dental "How to": Occlusal plane measurement unit This "How to" video is about using the...

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