MatchletiX – back to sport with joint effort


Knee injuries are common and particularly seen in contact and impact sports. Unfortunately, many of the athletes experience a second knee injury or do not reach their pre-injury performance level. Evidence-based rehabilitation programs, as well as knee injury prevention programs, exist – however, there is often a lack of adherence, which is crucial to determine the success or failure of rehabilitation.

MatchletiX should support athletes after a knee injury to pursue their rehabilitation in the late stage by providing an interactive setting. The aim is to reduce the re-injury rate and help them find a safe way back to sport.

MatchletiX is a research project that aims to identify which interactive methods can increase adherence to a health application that aims to assist athletes in their late stage of rehabilitation. The project deals with the following: Does real-time feedback in form of voice feedback (chatbot) and real-time visualizations (digital body markers) or matchmaking increase the adherence of test subjects to a training program. We examine how to improve the way to get you back to sport with joint effort.

Expert reviews are already conducted to validate the design of the app and the study so that the development & pilot experiment can start soon. 

For further information, keep up to date with the progress to stay on the cutting edge of research about how you can improve the adherence of patients to rehabilitation programs.

A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Master Program Digital Healthcare
Project Coach: FH-Prof. Romana Bichler, PT MAS