FreeReha – knee exercises for a save and sustainable back to sport


Knee injuries are common and particularly seen in contact and impact sports. Unfortunately, many of the athletes experience a second knee injury or do not reach their preinjury performance level.
The literature review showed that evidence-based rehabilitation programs as well as knee injury prevention programs exist. However, the adherence to the program is a crucial aspect that could determine the success or failure of rehabilitation.

FreeReha should support athletes after a knee injury to pursue their rehabilitation in the late stage by providing an interactive setting. The aim is to reduce the re-injury rate and help them find a safe way back to sport.

The project deals with the following: Does real-time feedback in form of voice feedback (chatbot) and real-time visualizations (digital body markers) and/or matchmaking increase the adherence of test subjects to a training program.

A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Master Program Digital Healthcare
Project Coach: FH-Prof. Romana Bichler, PT MAS

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