Train & Win Evaluation


As you may remember, the aim of this project is to design a training system for elderly, which uses the Microsoft Kinect as a motion capture system to monitor physical exercises at home. Since our last Post selected exercises have been recorded with the MS Kinect and have been intergrated to the trainings-software by the AIT (Austrian Institut of Technology). An avatar was created for a first prototype so that the software can be tested on subjects. 

The prototype was tested on volunteers and evaluated using a questionnaire and an observation protocol. General observations of the project team during testing were also included in the evaluation. The subjects most often criticize the technical implementation. Correct recognition of the starting position and waiting times between exercises were perceived as too long, and the execution speed of the avatar did not match the recommended speed. The exercise instructions were mostly understood. Here, however, came the desire for a clear start signal and more feedback even during the execution of the exercise.