NWNutrientComparatorVVVV: Helping Dietitian visualize recommended nutrient intake and actual patient’s intake – a prototype


In order to facilitate the process of comparing recommended nutrients with the nutrients actually eaten by a patient this VVVV-patch calculates, using the Harris-Benedict-Formula, the suggested nutrients and compares them with the values entered by a dietitian. It visualizes the results and help the patient understand the difference.


  • Harris-Benedict-Formula
  • BMI Formula
  • PAL-Formula

Process in Detail

After the dietitian entered weight, height, age and PAL-Factor of the patient in question, a subpatch will then calculate the BMR, BMI and PAL and finally the carbs, fats and proteins needed.

Those values are then displayed as a bar chart in a renderer. Using the actual fats, carbs and proteins consumed by the patient (those values are calculated by dietologist using complex applications), a comparing bar chart is created.

Using the previously calculated PAL and the values calculated by the dietologist off-patch, a second bar chart compares the consumed calories vs. the recommended calories.



  • No differentiation between male and female patients
  • No possibility to overrule calculated nutrients


  • Shift UI to the renderer for better usability
  • Measure height and weight using sensors like a Microsoft Kinect
  • Add possibility to overrule calculated recommendations

Further Reading

Watch the demo live at build.well.being!

Check out the corresponding GitHub repository: nitricware/NWNutrientComparatorVVVV