In this project a prototype is introduced, which should be able to treat persons with persistent low back pain within a Virtual Reality Environment (VRE).

As of now a first prototype is ready to show. The prototype setting looks as follows: Patients can be registered and then login to the system. Afterwards we can decide to see some informational content or start the game. Before starting the game a time in minutes can be entered to determine how long the game session should run. Then with hitting the start game button the journey through a far far away solar system starts. Escorted by music we are travelling through space trying to smash asteroids with our quite explosive gaze. YES! An explosion shows that an asteroid was hit, we scored…and as time flies by in space the journey is over sooner than expected.

The first prototype isn’t ready fully as it was planned, but hopefully will further evolve over the summer.



A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Master Program Digitale Healthcare
Project Coach: Matthias Husinsky
Course Director: Helmut Ritschl