Hand disinfection


A training video for hand disinfection.

The germs on hands in hospital enviroment bear a high risk of nosocomial cross infections and can cause severe problems. Every year in Austria’s hospitals these infections are fatal for about 5000 patients.
On a special ward for haemopoetic stemm cell transpalantation a correct hand disinfection is mandatory for the working personal and relatives in order to reduce the amount of germs on hand’s skin. Due to the reduced immune competence this cohorte are likly to get lethal infections by cross-contamination.

Hands must be disinfected before and after direct patient contact or after touching contaminated surfaces.

Relatives are trained and educated during their fist days at the Haemopoetic Stem Cell Transpalantation Ward at the St. Anna Childrens hospital. This educational video is dedicated to relatives, visiting their loves during treatment.
It should provide an access to look up the correct procedure of hand disinfection with alcohol-based hand disinfectants.

More information: WHO Clean Care is Safer Care

Course: WBDT1, 2015
A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Master Program Digitale Healthcare
Project Coach: Matthias Husinsky