LUCHS – Health Information Platform for People with Intellectual Disabilities


This health information platform in “easy-to-understand-language” is the result of a project of the masterprogram “Digital Healthcare”.

The aim of this project was to create a health information website for people with intellectual disabilities. During the first semester a literature research with the focus on suggestions about writing texts for this target group was done. The website itself was created during the second semester and its texts are written in “easy-to-understand-language”. The articles of the website were proof-read by our partners of the Caritas Werkstatt St. Leonhard am Forst. The third semester is focused on the evaluation of the website. The project team has chosen to create a questionnaire in order to evaluate the health information platform “LUCHS-Gesundheitsinformationen”.

The project team:
Lisa Theresa Dam, BA
Ulrike Fellinger
Christiane Kothmayer, BSc


The Advisor:
Dr. Helmut Ritschl, MA, MSc


Eine Produktion der Fachhochschule St.Pölten
Masterstudiengang Digitale Healthcare
Project Coach: Helmut Ritschl