TelePrevApy – Guidelines and System for Teletherapy


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Watch our video and learn about our prototype TelePrevApy a system application consisting of ready-to-use portable stand-system with detailed based guidelines to perform standardized one-on-one teletherapy sessions.


Prototype evaluation

The sub-projects TelePrevApy ABC and TelePrevApy Stand were developed in parallel and have been evaluated in a conjoint process with regard to the essential criteria for use in everyday therapy. The findings enable to demonstrate the project development’s progress and success. All collected information allows viewing and predicting the project’s impact in the target field of telehealth. This evaluation still is only a very basic first step but important and critical for further scientific research as conducted in a follow up master thesis paper on the subject.

The evaluation process showed high scores in usability both on client and therapist side although due to COVID pandemic restrictions a rather low number of test persons could only be acquired. Adaptations of the standardized System Usability Scale questionnaire (for details please see gallery below) was used to rate usability. On the client side an overall score of 84,7 % and on the therapist side 90,8 %, meaning excellent usability rating according to the SUS rating scale, could be achieved.