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Fall Risk Visualization: Comparing Time Bar and Time Spiral Plots for Interpretation of Periodic Events in Time Series

Development and Evaluation of an Application based on Amazons Alexa to query registered Doctors in Vienna

User-Oriented Development and Evaluation of the Gamification Application PENguin used by six to seven-year-old Children to perform Graphomotor Movements with the STABILO ErgoPen

“Alexa, starte Herzstolpern” – Development of a speech-based skill and evaluation of the user experience & usability to increase the understanding of atrial fibrillation

Design, prototypical development and evaluation of a virtual reality-based game for training activities of daily living for people provided with a lower limb prosthesis

User-centered prototype development of a customizable digital performance profile for occupational therapy practice

Information transfer within interdisciplinary health teams. Designing a mockup for patient admission in a hospital. A qualitative pilot study.

An analysis of elderly people obtaining health-related information and the creation of a mockup based on the results of this analysis

Design, Development and Evaluation of a Power Wheelchair Driving Simulation in Virtual Reality

Influencing hand hygiene compliance rates with a virtual assistant and watching eye effect