Interprofessional Learning of Teamwork and Understanding on One’s Role Via an Electronic Platform in Health Studies – a Pilot Study

Flora Sperat, BSc.

Master Digital Healthcare, St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences 2021

Aim and Research Question(s)

The aim of this master thesis was to design a didactic concept for digital interprofessional learning via an electronic learning platform in health studies to promote the interprofessional understanding of roles and teamwork in healthcare studies. The following research questions must be answered: 1. What options for action does a didactic concept for an electronic learning platform for an electronic learning platform for digital interprofessional learning in health studies offer? 2. What are the consequences for learning from and with each other in terms of understanding roles and practical teamwork 3. How can the user-centered-design be incorporated into a didactic concept for promoting interprofessional learning?


Hence interprofessional learning becomes increasingly meaningful for adequate patient care. The earlier, namely already in the study, health professions learn to communicate and interact interprofessionally, the more naturally it is when the students start their work lives [2]. In general, interprofessional learning is still mostly a side issue in Austrian health studies. In education there are hardly often no points of contact between the occupational groups. This is reflected in working life, where the individual professional groups know little about each other [4]. Digital learning offers additional potential, for example, the possibility of presenting one's own competence development via electronic portfolios.


After research of background literature, a qualitative pilot study was conducted. First a Click-Dummy Prototype was created. Afterwards two focus groups with potential future user of the electronic learning pflatform were conducted. The participants of the focus groups had to click through the Prototype, which should make it possible to find out what future users think about the didactic concept and the created electronic learning platform.

Results and Discussion

The focus groups were evaluated and analyzed according to Mayring. The result showed that the participants could well imagine the concept and the use of the electronic learning platform. Furthermore, they stated that they would like to see more colors and that they would like to see a forum and a chat for exchange. Based on these findings, the click dummy was revised.


The research questions could be answered, and the concept of interprofessional learning was evaluated positively in focus groups. However, more technical know-how and a more extensive study with more participants are needed to develop the learning platform further.


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