Parktiv – The family gaming app for playing in the park

The following vision is formulated for Parktiv

“We believe passionately that every child should have the chance, to get physical active and play with a family-member in consumption-free spaces, regardless of their socioeconomic status and housing conditions.” 

Background: Due to the limited possibilities of physical activities in cities, it is essential to create new approaches to increase children’s and their family members activity levels – and that’s why we are creating Parktiv.  

One object of the 1st semester was to identify the current state of the art of literature, dealing with determinants such as motivational aspects, usability approaches, positive effects of outdoor activities, intergenerational approaches, play modes and the integration of technologies. 

We can say, that exergames can have a positive impact on outdoor play and increase the number of outdoor activities in children and elderly. When developing interfaces, attention must be paid to the different needs of children and elder users. An exergame in a park, could be a creative and problem-solving opportunity to improve well-being of children and elderly, especially in combination with challenging and interesting equipment. 

With the results of the literature review, the outlined project-plan – to create an intergenerational application, in which family members of different ages perform playful exercises together – was confirmed. This game will be carried out mainly in parks of urban areas, where families often live-in limited housing conditions. Developing a low-threshold tool for the target-groups is one of the focuses of this project.  

We are looking forward to what’s coming next. Stay tuned. Parktiv.

A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences
Master Program Digital Healthcare
Project Coach: FH-Prof. Dipl.-Sporting. Dr. Mario Heller