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Ready-to-use portable stand-system with detailed based guidelines to perform standardized one-on-one teletherapy sessions.

Global digitalization in the broadest sense has already reached Health Care in the past few years. Ini Austria, digital solutions are primarly use in the areas of data generation and backup as well as data security. Up until the COVID-19 pandemic and thus following necessary adjustments in the fields of physical, occupational and other forms of therapy, new technologies were only implemented rather slowly across the board.
Telehealth respectively telemedicine is a fast growing market and for the majority of patients it is a completely new opportunity to benefit from healthcare measures.

Focusing on the Telehealth the joints projects TelePrevApy-ABC – Dos and Donts in Teletherapy and TelePrevApy-Stand aim to providing a ready to use hardware kit plus necessary evidence based guidelines for the complete process of setting up and performing standardized therapy sessions.

SpinOff Project(s) PrevApy