PrevApy – AV-Communication Tool for Therapy Sessions in Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs in People with High Risk of or present Orthopedic Complaints

Global digitalization in the broadest sense has already reached Health Care in the past few years. In Austria, digital solutions are primarily used in the area of data generation and backup as well as data security. In the field of therapy, new technologies are only being implemented very slowly across the board.

A detailed literature reasearch with an international perspective provided an overview on alrady in use teletherapy. Results showed that the focus for the use of such digital possibilities is currently in the medical field of neurology and especially in the field of rehabilitation. Furthermore, the research pointed out that the type of application often aims to train patients independently. These results led to the definition of the key points and goals of the product to be developed: PrevApy

A project at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

Master Program Digitale Healthcare

Project Coach: Romana Bichler